CCA’s experience shows that 80% of large property taxpayers’ assessments may be inefficient, resulting in higher tax payments or creating undue exposure risks. CCA’s strategies correct these inefficiencies by 20-35%. Most of these reductions are permanent.

Property taxes are a significant annual fixed cost liability embedded in SG&A expenses. They are owed whether an enterprise is profitable or not. Despite pervasive inefficiencies and inaccuracies, many assessments remain uncorrected for several reasons.

Internal tax departments often have to focus on annual compliance requirements. Further, unlike state or federal taxes, the rules governing property taxes and local practices vary over hundreds of taxing jurisdictions, making such efforts complex and laborious. CCA augments internal resources to optimize property taxes across all jurisdictions.

Since property taxes are unique in the way they are assessed and administered “locally,” the effectiveness of CCA’s work is enhanced by its proprietary software and the bench strength of former local assessors and corporate property tax experts located throughout the nation’s largest and most important tax jurisdictions. These carefully selected industry experts have been recognized over the years for their rigorous knowledge of property tax laws and local practices, as well as their ability to navigate the unique assessment procedures within their respective jurisdictions.

CCA produces significant cash savings, frequently starting with the first year of its engagement. We have achieved successful results for prominent clients, including some of the largest companies in the power and energy industries, leading private equity firms and Fortune 100 corporations spanning industrial sectors. CCA has over 45 years’ experience in property management.