The work of Cost Containment Advisors (CCA) encompasses entire portfolios, major portions of a company’s locations, or a single location or state, depending on the nature of the need, type of asset, and client preferences.

From a Vice President in the Power Industry:

“As an example of their efficiency, within a short time after their engagement, CCA was able to reduce our personal property taxes in one of our largest states by more than 20%. CCA’s performance consistently exceeded their promises. Their relationship with our company will go on for three years as they begin the work on the remainder of our national portfolio.”

From a 1000-location Industrial Retailer:

“The garnering of continuous reductions in personal and real property taxes in each of the last four years continue to delight us in Cost Containment Advisors’ leadership of this important cost center. The creation by Cost Containment Advisors of an 800-point evaluation template to assist us in weighing the most appropriate facility service provider simplified the process, upgraded the quality of the decision making, and assigned the correct weight for each variable, while leaving no stone unturned.”

From an Energy Vice President in State and Local Taxes:

“It has been a pleasure working with CCA. They were most professional in handling our assignments, they delivered the promised results and their fees clearly produced the “value” we paid for. Lastly, their ability and willingness to explain to us the complexities of our challenges and the challenges of personal property taxes was refreshing.”

From a Large Private Equity CFO:

“Cost Containment uses a multitude of proactive processes in the personal property tax arena. Because of this approach and their knowledge in tax laws, in one state alone they successfully saved us in excess of $2M in taxes. I would highly recommend considering using Antreas and his team of exceedingly well qualified professionals.”

Additional Client Feedback from Other Clients: