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Evolutionary and novel approaches, CCA
Recent Major Achievements
Reducing property taxes by 42% – in 36 months.
Reducing facility management costs by 18% – within 18 months.
Effecting 20% cost reductions – within three years – by means of multinational facility management sourcing.
Reducing annual occupancy costs by 20% despite a 40% revenue increase – over four years – by deploying wide-ranging occupancy cost control strategies.
Creating a Call Center infrastructure to deliver enhanced services and assemble cost data for use in strategic procurement.

Cost Containment Advisors is headed by Antreas Ghazarossian, a long time advisor to Chairmen, CEO's, COO's and CFO's in cost containment and service improvement, with a reputation as the “ultimate resource for enhancing shareholder value." He is joined by seasoned professionals who share his drive to assist businesses in achieving uncommon bottom line results.

Cost Containment Advisors supports top management in the achievement of desired results relating to major cost containment and important administrative areas. This involves articulating goals, presenting solutions and often implementing solutions on interim basis. Consequently, clients access “best of breed” resources locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, large or small, depending on their needs and preferences.

Such work demands calibrating existing sourcing options and filling in “gaps,” or finding new or pure “outsourcing” solutions.

High professionalism, integrity, customer orientation, sound business thinking, and teamwork govern each and every client assignment.

Normally compensation is tied to results. In each case such arrangement is designed to accommodate the client situation, the challenges presented and time periods foreseen.