Arizona court of appeals property tax

December 2021 Newsletter

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  • TEXAS – Court of Appeals holds that tax exemption for installation of solar device applies only to increase in property value due to solar panel installation, not the solar panels or equipment
  • MINNESOTA – Tax Court holds that pipeline valuations in Minnesota need not contain analysis and determination of a pipeline’s highest and best use
  • FLORIDA – Court of Appeal holds land leased from federal government but not occupied by or used by United States is not exempt from property taxation
  • MAINE - Supreme Judicial Court holds that highest and best use determination is a question of fact, not a matter of law, in upholding assessment of paper mill functioning on valuation date but closed soon afterward
  • NORTH CAROLINA – Court of Appeals holds partially constructed solar energy equipment was used “directly and exclusively for the conversion of solar energy to electricity,” and, though under construction, entitled to statutory exemption
  • ARIZONA – Court of Appeals holds that taxpayer failing to submit a timely personal property tax return forfeits its right to appeal the valuation, and it may not obtain the same relief through a claim for special action or declaratory relief